Surf and Gap year ideas – Cape Town, South Africa

Often considered as one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Cape Town. The city offers a unique mix of a vibrant city, stunning nature and the wonderful ocean. Cape Town is a great place for a gap year, because of the many possibilities it has to offer. Please find below some great ideas for your Gap Year in South Africa.

1. Learn English
Cape Town is a great place to learn English in an international environment. The costs of English courses in South Africa are significantly lower compared to countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States or Australia. The vibrant mix of people, the great climate and the great landscape are just few of the reasons why Cape Town is a great place for a longer stay. Furthermore, Cape Town is home to some great Language Schools, such as EF, Cape Studies, IH and Good Hope Studies. All these schools offer great English Courses. Another reason to study English when you are not a native English speaker is that this is a great way to meet great people from all over the world!


2. Internship
South Africa is the number one economy of Africa, which makes Cape Town an Interesting city to do an internship. However, Cape Town is not your usual business city. Cape Town is home to a large amount of creative agencies, such as webdesign, graphic design and experiential marketing. There are also many possibilities in the tourist industry, for example at a hotel or at a travel agency.


3. Volunteer
Unfortunately, a large amount of the South Africans live in poverty. If you are interested in improving the quality of life, even a little bit, volunteering could be a great way to spend some time in Cape Town. In return, this activity can produce a feeling of self-worth and respect. Activities include teaching English, working in orphanages, conservation and so on. There are many interesting N.G.O’s situated in Cape Town and South Africa.


4. Travel
South Africa is considered as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The stunning landscape, the oceans and the lovely people make an amazing mix. Furthermore, the Bazz Bus is a hop- on hop- off bus, which drives around the country and offers a safe trip for backpackers. This is a great way to travel easily, affordable, safe and is a great way to interact and have fun with other backpackers from all over the world. The Bazz Bus travels from hostel to hostel. Most of the hostels have a (small) campsite as well, which makes it even more affordable.


5. Surf the Shit out your Ass!!
South Africa is considered as one the favourite travel destination for surfers. The surf in Cape Town can be good, but if you really want to combine surfing with your Gap Year in South Africa, I would recommend spending about a month or so with traveling up to the east coast. Take the Bazz Bus or rent a car or camper and drive up north along the coastline. Stop at the garden route, Jeffrey’s Bay, Coffee Bay and Durban. If you are really into the vibe, pass the border and go to Mozambique.

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Five Surf and lifestyle festivals around Europe you shouldn’t miss!

The European summer will start soon. You are probably planning an epic holiday with great waves, lovely people, campfires on the beach and lots of booze. put together a list of five great festivals one shouldn’t miss this summer!

1. Boardmasters 2014, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Boardmasters is probably the festival with the best music line-up of this summer. Furthermore, try to surf or watch the pro’s surfing championship. The festival consists of two locations: the Watergate Bay Music area, which is often considered as the festival site with the best view in the world, and Fistral Beach, which is the area where surfing, skating, BMX and much more is located.

When: 6/7/8/9/10 August

Who will be playing?
- Chase & Status
- Snoop Dogg
- Bastille
- Duke Dumont
- Ben Pearce
- Roni Size
- And many more…

Anything else?
Besides surfing, one can find skating, BMX and Art as well.


2. Biarritz Surf Festival- Biarritz, France

This surf event is famous for its long board contests, demonstrations and paddle board contests.

When: 9/10/11/12/13 July

Who will be playing?
- Not yet confirmed

What can you expect?
The Surfing Event is famous for its long board contests, demonstrations of tandem surfing, paddle board racing, bodysurfing, Tahitian pirogues and other thrilling water activities.

3. Sea Sessions Surf & Music festival

Sea session Surf & Music festival is Ireland’s only surf festival. Annually, 5000 surfers and surf music fans celebrate the beach and surf culture in Bundoran, Ireland.

When: 27/28/29 June

Who will be playing?
- Kelis
- The Strypes
- The Dandy Warhols
- Dubpistoles
- And many more…

What else: beach soccer, tag rugby, beach volleyball, action sports, surf competition

surfing barrel

4. Surfer Joe Summer Festival, Livorno, Italy

“3 days of full immersion in instrumental surf music”. This isprobably the event with the least (let’s say no) chance on riding a wave, however, the vibe is great and the music is awesome!

When: 20/21/22 June

Who will be playing?
- Fifty foot combo
- Slackstone
- Paul Johnson
- The Pyronauts
- The Phantom Four
- El Ray
- And many more..

5. MADNES – Ameland, Netherlands

Madness is a Surf, music and culture festival on an island in the north of the Netherlands. It is known for its great mix of water sports, diversity in music and great cultural activities.

When: 4/5/6 July

Who will be playing?

- Nobody beats the drum
- Caravana Sun
- Small Time Crooks
- Los Venturas
- And many more…

What else: MADNES offers a variety in social and cultural activities, such as:

Graffiti, meditation, breakdance, jogging dance, pole dancing, wishes in motion, salsa dancing and yoga.

Some Great Surf Gap Year Adventures

Xtreme Gap  – Surf & Gap Year Adventures
                The company Xtreme Gap provides a lot of opportunities if you want to surf on your gap year. Some of them focus entirely on surfing, whereas others include different activities as well. Read on on this page and click on the image which will send you to the website of Xtreme Gap!
Xtreme Gap Year UK

Spanish and surfing in Spain

      Enjoy Spanish classes in the morning on a world class Spanish language school, sleep in a typical Andalusian house, learn to surf with the Xtreme Gap team in the waters of Trafalgar at the Costa del Sol.

Spanish and surfing in Ecuador
This program also contains surfing and Spanish, but all the way down in Ecuador. The town of Montanita is well-known for her laid-back atmosphere and it is a famous surf town. A lot of backpackers manage to find this place, too.

Costa Rica surf legend
This program is aimed at elevating your surf skills to new heights. You can choose for a program aimed towards beginners and a program aimed towards surfers with more experience. You will live amongst lush surroundings, you will live in a luxurious ‘surf house’ at walking distance to the surf break and you will have the best surf teachers of the region available.

Two different packages are being offered by Xtreme Gap: surf camp Morocco or ‘become a surf instructor course’ which will, if you pass, enable you to give surf lessons all over the world. Situated in the surf mecca of Taghazout.

Choose between a package gap year which you can design yourself or a ‘surf camp instructor course’ which enables you to give surf lessons all over the world!

Other countries: Brazil, Peru, South Africa, Indonesia. All great surf destinations for your gap year and Xtreme Gap provides excellent surf gap year programs!
Xtreme Gap Year UK

De beste surfkampen voor jongeren in Frankrijk van 2014

Brunotti Beach Camp

Vieux Boucau is een dorp aan de Atlantische oceaan zoals er meer zijn, wat maakt dit dorp dan speciaal voor jongeren die willen surfen? Het Brunotti Beach Camp natuurlijk! Er wordt veel les gegeven, er wordt elke avond eten gemaakt (dit vind je niet in elk surfkamp), waarbij vooral het diner aan te raden is. Op het gebied van uitgaan ben ik eigenlijk maar in een club geweest waar ik de hele tijd kwam, weet niet meer hoe die heet maar vergeleken andere clubs in vergelijkbare dorpen was deze toch wel erg leuk. Wel goed uitkijken in het water als je gaat surfen want de stroming kan erg verraderlijk zjin. Klik op de banner voor meer informatie:

Mimizan is een populair vakantieoord voor jongeren. Het is allemaal iets massaler opgezet dan een plaats als Vieux Boucau en ook wel iets groter dan Moliets, maar wees gerust, het is nog steeds geen Blanes of Salou! Het is een erg gezellig dorp waar veel jongeren naartoe komen om te surfen. Het is erg druk in het water omdat er altijd veel mensen tegelijk surfen en er ook nog veel kampen surfles geven. Je surfleraar zal een goede plek uitzoeken en ervoor zorgen dat jullie een goede plek hebben om te oefenen! Op het gebied van uitgaan zit je hier wel goed voor een week en met de ongeveer 250 jongeren die wekelijks aan het kamp deelnemen hoef je je niet te vervelen!

Surf Blend Moliets

Moliets is één van de populairdere surfbestemmingen in Europa en niet zonder redden. Het heeft een groot en mooi strand en de rivier die de oceaan instroomt zorgt ervoor dat er zandbanken liggen die ervoor zorgen dat er goede golven het strand op komen rollen. In sommige plaatsen kun je maar een paar uur per dag echt goed surfen (bijvoorbeeld ‘mid-tide and rising’), maar Moliets heeft de luxe dat er heel veel tijden op de dag zijn dat er goed gesurfd kan worden zodat de drukte evenredig over de dag verdeeld is! Het uitgaan vind ik leuker dan in de eerste twee genoemde plaatsen. Er is iets meer aandacht voor live-bandjes en ander soort kleinschalige optredens. Verder zijn er veel barretjes en restaurants.

Breakloose surf camps

Het bedrijf Breakloose biedt verschillende surfkampen aan in Frankrijk en Spanje. Het kan een goed alternatief bieden voor O’Neill of Surfblend in respectievelijk Mimizan en Moliets. Zij hebben met hun kamp Saint-Girons Plage een pareltje in handen: op maar honderd meter van het strand, jawel, hebben zij in de duinen een relaxed surfkamp. Het gaat in het dorp minder om uitgaan en meer om surfen: door de rustige stranden kun je je hier heel goed op surfen richten. Een heerlijke vakantie om echt even weg te zijn! KLIK OP DE BANNER:

How to choose a surf gap year destination

You might have made the decision to abandon everything at home an embark on a gap year. In that case, think about all the cool stuff that you can learn during this time. While the possibilities are endless, if you are interested in learning how to surf or if you know how to ride a board already, a focus on surfing for a while is a very good choice. I did it twice in Costa Rica: one time in Tamarindo and one time in Playa Samara, both at the Pacific coast.

Step one: determine WHEN you want to go. The weather and waves vary a lot during the year on a given destination (seasonal influence you’ll already know about). If you know when you want to go you can choose a destination according to your surfing preferences.
                    Question: I want to go from December until January. Where is the weather good by then and the waves suitable for beginners? I want to go to a Spanish speaking region.

                    Answer: Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Peru are perfect during that time of the year.

You will always find great discounts during the wet season in Nicaragua and Costa Rica, but you will encounter huge waves at some spots by then.

                    Question: I want to go from May until early July. Where is the weather good by then and the waves suitable for beginners? I want to go to Europe.

                    Answer: Portugal, France, Spain and the Canary Islands are your best bet.

Step two: make a list of all the options that seem good during the part of the year you want to go.

Step three: make a list of characteristics (language, climate, cost range, cultural prefences)  and you can make your list of potential options shorter by removing places that don’t meet your chosen charateristics.

Step four: choose a place, book and arrange what you need to arrange and book and have a blast!